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Paediatric Nutritrion Services

At Paediatric Nutrition we offer a range of packages to meet your needs.  Contact book in a free 15 min Zoom discovery call to discuss your needs. 

Initial Online Consultation

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For families who don't require a package and only need an initial consultation. The need for any review consultations will be agreed with the family and is dependent on the needs of the child.  The fee includes assessments prior to the appointment and a 5 min video of your child's mealtime (if necessary - not all clients will need to do this).

Initial 1 hour Consultation

690 AED

150 GBP

45 min Review Consultation

480 AED

105 GBP

 Personalised Picky Eater Package

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This package is for parents who already have a picky eater. Unlike many online fussy eating programmes, this package is personalised specifically for your child and family.    Picky eating causes a lot of stress and worry for parents. Understanding the reasons behind it, such as sensory issues, texture aversion, feeding skill deficits, or simply preference, can help address it effectively.  This course will teach you how to change your approach and implement strategies to help improve your child's eating.

The selective eater package includes 6 sessions: 

  • Evaluation consultation - Learn what caused your child's picky eating and understand their eating behaviours. 

  • Personalised nutrition & growth assessment. 

  • Approach to mealtimes- Strategies on how to implement pressure-free meals & increase acceptance of new foods.

  • Adapt mealtime routine - Optimise appetite, serve one family meal and increase exposure to new foods. 

  • Balancing the nutrition, portion sizes, food jagging           & texture.

  • Feeding therapy strategies

  • Strategies to help your child regulate at mealtimes. 

On completing the programme some children may require more sessions, or a referral to a psychiatrist or to an SOS trained therapist for therapy meals. This is assessed on an individual basis and often depends on the causes for the picky eating. 




690 AED Initial assessment & 5 payments of 480 AED

Mastering Milk Allergy

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Colic-type symptoms, eczema and itching, reflux, unusual stools, tummy pain and constipation, are usually experienced by most infants in the first year of life and tend to resolve in time. These symptoms can also be a sign of a delayed cow's milk protein allergy. Which if left untreated leads to feeding difficulties and poor growth. There are NO valid tests to diagnose a delayed cow's milk protein allergy. A professionally supervised diagnostic elimination diet is essential to ensure appropriate diagnosis and management, reducing the risk of nutritional deficiencies and misdiagnosis. 

The Mastering Milk allergy package includes:

  • 1 x 60 minute virtual session

  • 2 x 45 minute virtual sessions

  • Unlimited email access to me during working hours for the duration of the package.

  • Medical and feeding history

  • Allergy focused history

  • Nutritional assessment to ensure your LO is meeting their nutritional requirements for growth and development.

  • Expert support and guidance with a diagnostic elimination diet (this includes maternal elimination diet for breastfed babies if required).

  • Reintroduction of dairy to correctly diagnose or rule out cow's milk protein allergy. 

  • Additional consultations and support will be required for those diagnosed with cow's milk protein allergy.

A referral to an allergist will be recommended for any children with signs or symptoms of an IgE mediated allergy.

Total cost: 1650 AED

OR 690 Initial assessment & 2 payments of 480 AED

Personalised Toddler & Child Feeding Package


This package is for parents of children aged 1-10 years old. Learn about the essential foundations of feeding children in this age group to raise happy healthy eaters.  This course also includes strategies to manage mild fussy eating and stop it developing into a long-term feeding difficulty. 

This package includes 3 sessions as follows:

  • Evaluation consultation - assessment of growth, feeding and nutritional status.

  • Approach to mealtimes  - parenting and pressure-free meals.

  • Strategies to manage meals, snacks and puddings! Use language around food to ensure a healthy long-term relationship with food. 

  • Resources with tips to manage typical toddler feeding challenges.

  • Diet sheets may be provided depending on the needs of the individual child. 




690 AED Initial assessment & 2 payments of 480 AED

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